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Adults and Children Dentistry

At Missouri City Dentistry, we treat you like our family members. We offer services to patients of all ages, and we will always be here throughout your dental-health journey. We are committed to providing you and your family with the highest quality of care using state-of-the-art technology. You will be amazed by Dr. Huynh’s gentleness and care and how pleasant a dental visit can be. 

Adult Dentistry:

The life expectancy of Americans is getting higher and higher, but we don’t get to have more teeth. At Missouri City Dentistry, we focus on preserving and maintaining your teeth so that you can use them for the entirety of your life. Whether it’s a bridge, implant or braces, we are here to help you have a smile that is long-lasting.

Children’s Dentistry:

Children are the foundation of our future, and we cannot afford to ignore our children’s oral health, which can directly affect their growth and development. As their supervisors, we have to actively instruct and guide them to healthier eating and more regular brushing.

Here at Missouri City Dentistry, our professionals are extremely caring and gentle. By utilizing high-strength topical anesthetics and Dr. Huynh’s gentle hands, most procedures proceed painlessly.

Most kids are active, so tripping and falling are common. If your child falls on their face and damages their teeth, please contact us as soon as possible for our earliest available appointment. If one of their teeth falls out, immediately put (and keep) the tooth in milk or saliva to increase the chance of saving the tooth. Taking care of our children is every parent’s priority.


Missouri City Dentistry is right next to Starbucks and Take5 Oil Change, making it super convenient for you.

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